Online Dating Club Tue, 01 Sep 2009 09:08:57 +0000 en hourly 1 /wp-content/plugins/maxblogpress-favicon/icons/favicon-54.ico Online Dating Club Why Its Great When Your Boyfriend is Out of Town /206/why-its-great-when-your-boyfriend-is-out-of-town/ /206/why-its-great-when-your-boyfriend-is-out-of-town/#comments Tue, 01 Sep 2009 09:08:57 +0000 Astrid Engels /online-dating/why-its-great-when-your-boyfriend-is-out-of-town/ One of the lovely things about being in a new relationship is the point when it becomes not so new. When youre familiar with each others neuroses and routines and have probably even developed quite a few habits and routines of your own. Its nice. At a certain point, you start to let go (to varying degrees, depending on how you operate) of parts of your single self and merge into couple mode.

It can come as a bit of a shock when you’re sweetie goes out of town for a few days. If you’re used to him being around a lot, those few days without him may make you wonder what to do with yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re dependent and can’t function on your own; it just means your routine has been thrown for a loop. Besides, you love ‘em so you miss ‘em.

Believe it or not, this really is situation of the glass being half full rather than half empty. There are at least three things I can think of that will make your alone time fly by.

You get to be ugly

Okay, not ugly ugly (theres never any reason to not take care of yourself. That should not be dependent on a loves presence) but you can safely get away with not shaving your legs or worry about hanging around in your oh-so-comfy but totally unflattering sweatpants.

It’s actually refreshing and relaxing to have a bit of time when you don’t have to fret about your looks. These few days of down time will probably leave you looking even hotter (if that’s even possible) when your sweetie gets back.

Catch up on you stuff

You know how it goes: you start spending tons of time at the other persons place and suddenly you havent watered your plants, gone to the farmers market, done laundry in two weeks or paid your credit card bill. Its too easy sometimes to get caught up in a lovers haze. Its wonderful but it leaves lots of little things undone. This is an excellent time to catch up on all of that. Youll feel totally together and less stressed when your beloved gets back in town.

Discover the long distance relationship

With one of you out of town, your normal romance tactics just aren’t going to work. It’s time to change this up a bit. Ever wondered how long distance relationships work? Now’s your chance to find out.

Get a little naughty on the phone before bed or send sexy pictures via email. If you really want to surprise him, send a love letter from home to his hotel. No one ever expects mail at hotels. And its so old worldI mean, really, in the age of hyper-convenience, how many couples get to live out the whole lovers-separated-by-long-distances fantasy? Do it up! Itll be a fun way to make sure the time apart actually brings you closer together.

Rediscover your friends

This is a no-brainer. But really, friends always miss their friends who get into relationships because inevitably, theyre seeing less of you. Its natural and forgivable (as long as you havent cut them off completely, but you know better than that) but having some hardcore buddy time while your other half isnt around is a fabulous idea.

This article was written by the staff of the free internet dating company where you can find hundreds more helpful dating articles.

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Here’s How To Approach a Girl /205/heres-how-to-approach-a-girl/ /205/heres-how-to-approach-a-girl/#comments Mon, 31 Aug 2009 11:24:36 +0000 Dell DeMarco /online-dating/heres-how-to-approach-a-girl/ A lot of guys find it quite difficult to approach a new girl. And rejection has a lot to do with this.

Well, who doesn’t? Also, approaching girls bring with it some sort of anxiety as to how the girl will response or react.

You see this beautiful lady and get attracted to her. The problem is, you feel you lack the guts to go near and talk to her. Well, end this dilemma and read further to learn several tips on approaching a girl. More often than not, these tricks bring forth remarkable outcome. So you too can benefit from these.

Eye to Eye Contact

Eye contact is analogous to being confident. If you are able to muster this to any girl you talk to, then you are not likely to get rejected. Among the reasons why girls ignored guys is due to lack of confidence. Girls do know what they want and it is a confident man they are after. Show her you have the guts and let your eyes speak for it.


Smiling at a particular girl that catches your interest is the best manner to determine if she wants you to approach her. If she smiles back at you, it probably means it is fine with her if you go and approach her.

But if she does not, and gives you an expressionless look instead or turns her head away, then maybe she is not interested and does not want to be bothered. So take the hint and save yourself from being rejected. Find someone else who can return similar interest.


The right body language is essential if you want to obtain a positive reaction from the girl you want to approach. Most of the time, guys go near girls with stooped shoulders and feeling nervous.

Meanwhile, never look nervous. Otherwise, she will not pay any attention to you. Why would she anyway? Remember, girls go for confident men and not some nervous wreck individuals.

Basically, how to approach a girl and how to be successful with it depend on you. Problems only arise when you complicate matters. Sometimes, guys tend to blow up things out of proportion. They give in to their fears and anxieties, giving room for inefficiency to perform tasks.

What should you do? Free yourself from these negative thoughts. Do not let your fears and worries consume you. Instead, believe in yourself and build up your confidence. Be the person that you ought to be. And you will see that approaching any girl you want is not that hard after all.

Want more dating advice? Visit Dating-To-Mating to discover how to stop dating rejection. Find a Janka Attraction Formula review here!

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Lesbian Dating Online Can Be Entertaining, Really! /204/lesbian-dating-online-can-be-entertaining-really/ /204/lesbian-dating-online-can-be-entertaining-really/#comments Sun, 30 Aug 2009 11:09:19 +0000 Connie Rancer /online-dating/lesbian-dating-online-can-be-entertaining-really/ by Charlee Hammond

Lesbian dates is a good opportunity to meet and get close to a lot of interesting and new people. Lesbian singles sites are a marvellous way to leap start and add some anticipation and diversity to your matchmaking search. Lesbians personals services join you with other lesbian singles either living in your home area, in your country or in other countries around the world. Lesbians dating sites are a superb place to meet like-minded women who share joint goals and interests. Lesbians personals, dating and chat at a quality singles site created exclusively for lesbians and bisexual woman.


Check out the photo singles which have been posted by lesbians and bisexual women in your neighboring area, chat in ‘real time’ with further members who are online at the same time as you and send messages to, or accept messages from other ladies who are looking for the same things as you are. It only takes a couple short minutes to sign up this exciting lesbians singles site and we pledge that it is totally FREE to do so. careful Screening: your introductions are hand selected by your personal Lesbian singles and are always offered with images and a profile. It is a matchmaking site for lesbian girls and lesbians women living in the United Kingdom and US. Encounter your perfect lesbian for friendship, chat or singles. Become listed in our free single girl’s listing, so that like-minded lesbians or bi-curious girls and women have a chance to discover you. Find internet dating mature, hot, sexy lesbian seeking dates, seek out sexy bi-sexual hot women for lesbians love. Looking around on the web and attempting to find open-minded women oriented toward a lesbians lifestyle used to be a very hard task.


Dating tips for lesbianss here’s some guidance for the newly single or newly out of the closet lesbians on where to meet the ladies. Dating talk nonstop users ought to picture of you for a outstanding desirable somebody. Matchmaking online site, the larger, for the reason that a rule, is her wish, additionally her ability, to persuade herself.


Specifically search for lesbianss from your area that complement your criteria. The best lesbians matchmaking web site for the stone butch, gold star lesbians’ femme dykes. Just join for free, look for for a match and get talking, flirting and even meet & date lesbians. For lesbianss and bisexual and curious women, how to identify if another woman is attracted in you. Gay and lesbian couples handle conflict better than straights do, gay men and lesbian’s get along better than straight couples. For lesbian’s and bisexual women, you like her and like to tell her, but you’re afraid if you do, you’ll lose her closeness.

Creating your online lesbians dating profile is painless and free it couldn’t be easier to join up and it’s free to try. is a marvellous place to visit for women looking to exclusively come across other lesbian women. You’ve tried other lesbians dates services from single lesbian singles, woman looking women ads, to lesbian online dating websites. What’s great about this lesbian personals site is that you can look at who’s online and you can talk with them with the site’s own instant messenger. Thanks for your fortitude, and remember to notify a friend about our 100% free gay and lesbian matchmaking service. We had just heard that a website existed that offered free dates services for anyone, but nothing was being offered totally for the gay and lesbian personals community. As a leading provider of lesbians dating and lesbians personals services, offers lesbian singles a truly unique experience in online lesbians dates.

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How To Keep The Peace When Your Friends Hate Your Lover /203/how-to-keep-the-peace-when-your-friends-hate-your-lover/ /203/how-to-keep-the-peace-when-your-friends-hate-your-lover/#comments Sat, 29 Aug 2009 18:26:37 +0000 Astrid Engels /online-dating/how-to-keep-the-peace-when-your-friends-hate-your-lover/ by Astrid Engels

When we start a new relationship we harbor all kinds of hope and optimism. And because we like this new person in our lives, we hope that our friends and family will too. We are optimistic about this person being embraced by those we love.

Life is rarely what we expect it to be. Having a new person in our lives that we care for and really like doesn’t mean that this liking will extend to our friends and family. We hope it does! But if it does not, we can cope, can’t we?

Why is it that every single time we meet some amazing new person, practically the first thing we do is brag on this person to our friends, with the ubiquitous statement, you will love him/her. Why do we always say that? Why do we always think it? Do we just love setting ourselves up for disappointment?

This eternal optimism stems from finding someone who we believe to be so right for us (at least for the time being), that it just follows our friends will naturally follow suit. We want all parts of our life to be in harmony; it’s a normal and natural feeling. But it’s really not up to us how our friends react. So here are some coping tips if your friends just don’t feel the way you do about Mr. or Miss Wonderful.

1. Don’t press the issue

If your friends aren’t feeling your new fella (or the other way around), don’t feel like you have to make things okay. As long as there isn’t serious animosity, you can usually just let a general mutual dislike be what it is.

2. Anticipate respect

You need to understand that these people prefer not to be in each other’s company. Giving them undivided attention whenever possible is one way of coping with their dislike for one another. Mixing company that doesn’t want to be mixed is never a good idea, particularly when you have strong emotional ties to all concerned.

However, on special occasions, like your birthday for instance, you have to right to expect all the people you love under the same roof. And you have the right to expect them to put their differences aside and behave civilly towards one another. They don’t have to like each other, but they can, and should, be mature about it.

3. Take the time to listen

We usually assume that our friends’ dislike of our lover stems from jealousy; they want what you have or they’re missing the time you used to spend together. As time goes on though, you might want to consider at least listening to why your friends don’t like your partner. If they have your best interest at heart, they just might be right, even if you don’t think they have a leg to stand on.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your friends be your objective eyes in a new relationship. It’s hard to be objective when you’re emotionally involved. Having said that, if you know they’re just plain wrong, then stay true to your heart, and stand your ground.

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Pick Up Girls Online – 8 Awesome Tips /202/pick-up-girls-online-8-awesome-tips/ /202/pick-up-girls-online-8-awesome-tips/#comments Fri, 28 Aug 2009 10:26:03 +0000 Mario Del Sol /online-dating/pick-up-girls-online-8-awesome-tips/ by Charles Jackson

It is easier than you think to pick up girls online! Have you ever tried it?

You should use Facebook or Myspace if you’re not already registered! Facebook is better however Myspace has superior filtering capabilities.

Follow the tips below and you will soon know how to pick up girls online.

1. Your profile photo needs to be of you with a really hot female friend. Remember that hot girls on Facebook get messages from random guys everyday. If you’re seen to be with a hot woman, you will be instantly more trusted than the other guys!

2. Next, any new girl in your profile will progress straight to your photos! So make sure you have plenty where you’re in the presence of hot girls! This will create instant attraction, comfort and trust!

3. Never delete photos of your ex’s! Let girls visiting your profile see that you’ve been in past relationships! This proves that you’re good with women and that they find you attractive! There must surely be a reason for this!

4. Turn your relationship status off! If you message a girl and she can see that you’re single, then not only are you making it obvious about why you’re messaging, but you’re also being too easy for her!

5. Check through your profile for any silly spelling and grammar errors. Show that you’re educated and don’t use annoying text language!

6. Delete any silly gangster or zombie applications! You should be way too busy for any of this!

7. Check through your wall posts for anything that betrays any kind of boring lifestyle. If you’re broadcasting that you’re at the supermarket, then delete it!

8. To pick up girls online, this is extremely important! Get wall posts from your existing hot female friends! Ideally they should be asking you out for a drink or a catch up!

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8 Myspace PUA Tips /201/8-myspace-pua-tips/ /201/8-myspace-pua-tips/#comments Thu, 27 Aug 2009 13:10:51 +0000 Damian Jackson /online-dating/8-myspace-pua-tips/ by Charlie D Jackson

Did you know that PUA skills can transfer over to Myspace? What’s more, it is probably easier to pick up girls on Myspace that in real life!

Take a look at the following tips on being a Myspace PUA.

1. The best kind of profile picture you can have is one where a really hot girl is with you and is smiling, enjoying your company!

2. Show off your cool hobbies such as surfing or snow boarding. You need to demonstrate that you are cool and have a fun life outside of Myspace!

3. Don’t be one of those guys who deletes all trace of their ex girlfriends. You need to show that women find you desirable. This will build comfort and trust!

4. Never volunteer your relationship status! Turn this option off! If you show that you are single then you are making it too easy for her, as well as obvious why you messaged her!

5. Come across as being intelligent! So check through your profile for spelling errors. Never write like a 12 year old texting her best friend!

6. No matter how good your body is, never show photos where you’re posing in front of the mirror topless. This is more common than you may think and is a major turn off!

7. Look through your wall for anything that shows you up as being boring! If your mate is asking you round to watch Star Wars then delete it! Why would you want any girl to see this?

8. You need to collect wall posts from hot female friends, ideally asking you out for a drink, coffee or night out! Can anybody collude with you in this? For Myspace PUA reasons, this is extremely important and will make you look trustable!

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Three Things You Never Talk About On A First Date /200/three-things-you-never-talk-about-on-a-first-date/ /200/three-things-you-never-talk-about-on-a-first-date/#comments Wed, 26 Aug 2009 11:20:10 +0000 Astrid Engels /online-dating/three-things-you-never-talk-about-on-a-first-date/ by Astrid Engels

When creating an internet dating profile it’s all about putting your best cyber-foot forward. All your wit, charm and intelligence wrapped up in a few paragraphs. So why is it that people who can write such great dating profiles cannot seem to carry that same editing over to actual “live” dating?

Let’s blame our hormones! The chemicals that make us giddy, nervous, and happy. Apparently they also turn our brains into mush and throw our common sense out the window. How else can we explain our incapacity for choosing appropriate dating conversation topics?

When I say appropriate, I dont mean that in the sense of right and wrong. There is no right and wrong. Be yourself, be silly, feel out whats right in each individual situation. Youre dating savvy enough by now to know that all the best rules are the ones we figure out for ourselves.

That said, by appropriate first date conversation, I mean things that are most likely to make the fabulous first impression you deserve. Ive experienced and heard enough first date horror stories to be practically an expert on what verbal landmines are waiting in all of us to put a big black mark on an otherwise great first impression.

I present for you three things that you definitely should NOT talk about on a first date. I apologize if they seem obvious, but hey, remember the hormones? Perhaps if I write them down we can all memorize them and, hopefully, remember them come the next first date.

Your ex

Talk about exes tops the list. It’s not only the most common first date conversational mistake one can make, it’s also the most harmful. It’s a given that most people have a dating and relationship history, that’s not an issue. Each of us has to decide for ourselves when we’ve healed enough from that previous relationship to start dating again.

Since first dates are all about optimism and the hope that this one will be different, it’s never, ever a good idea to talk about your painful and troubled relationship with a past lover. Your train will derail before it even leaves the station. Relationships go wrong, but there’s no need to talk about it on a first date.

Your family

Save the drama for a later (much later!) date. First dates are about fun and cheerful. By all means talk about where your parents live and how many brothers and sisters you have. Don’t even think about mentioning Mom’s ongoing depression and Dad’s drug dependency. There’s no need to lie; just keep it positive. Bring it up now and you’ll only scare your date away by making him or her afraid of your family, and potentially of you.

Marriage and Babies

You may desperately want to say “I do”, but talking about marriage on a first date is a great big no-no. So don’t do it. Ever. You may think that you are being goal oriented, but trust me, you’ll come off looking desperate and a bit pathetic.

You will also NOT talk about how many babies you want to have and when you want to have them. Though not everyone is turned off by talk of babies, why risk it so early on? If this is meant to be there will be plenty of time for discussion later.

There you have the big three. You may have noticed that I did not include either religion or politics. Both are subjects that a lot of dating experts advise you to stay clear of on a first date. I disagree. Emotionally healthy adults can have open and intelligent discussions about either. If they can’t then they’re too stuck in their ways and narrow minded, so you probably don’t want to date them again anyway. Best to find out now!

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How to Fix it / How To Fix Your New Partner’s Bad Kissing /199/how-to-fix-it-how-to-fix-your-new-partners-bad-kissing/ /199/how-to-fix-it-how-to-fix-your-new-partners-bad-kissing/#comments Tue, 25 Aug 2009 08:46:40 +0000 Astrid Engels /online-dating/how-to-fix-it-how-to-fix-your-new-partners-bad-kissing/ by New Partner a Bad Kisser? How to Fix it

As wonderful as sex is, there’s nothing quite like a kiss. It can communicate passion and emotion like nothing else. And for most people, it’s a very important part of their physical relationship.

At least it is when your partner does it well. Since no one writes “great person, terrible kisser” on their internet dating profile, kissing ability is kind of a wait and see thing. Some of the best looking guys I’ve dated have been, to put it mildly, horrible kissers!

Fortunately, bad kissing is not that difficult to fix! It’s likely that your sweetie has just never learned how to kiss properly. Thinking about dumping your sweetie because you don’t like their lip-lock technique (or the lack thereof)? No need, just keep reading for some subtle improvement techniques.

What They’re Doing Wrong

Most bad kissers make the same mistakes. The most common by far is too much tongue. Blame the movies they’ve watched or the friends they’ve talked to. Kissing someone like this is doing battle with your tongues; full force. But let’s face it; having someone stick their tongue down your throat is never sexy.

What To Do

Provided you never want to date this person again, feel free to tell them their technique sucks (pun intended!). Otherwise you’re best to avoid mentioning it altogether. Why? Because no matter how nicely and gently to tell them, they’re going to be embarrassed in a big way. You’re going to have to take the lead on this, without ever uttering a word.

The first thing you need to do is get them interested in the kiss itself. When it’s clear they’re into it, pull back a bit and make them slow down. Don’t make them feel rejected, just slow the pace of the kiss to help you introduce some new fundamentals.

Get Luke to put away his light saber. If your kissing partner seems to really want to play tongue battle, you need to disengage. Change the focus to the lips and change the pace and style of the kiss.

Once you’ve more or less called a truce in the battle of the tongues, you can start to show your partner more kissing options and elements. Try alternating top and bottom lips, or sucking the bottom lip lightly. Use different parts of the mouth to kiss: lips, tongue, teeth. If there’s any hope for him or her at all, your date will enjoy the new sensations of your kiss. Hopefully, seeing a little kissing creativity will light a bulb in your date’s head, and he or she will start to experiment as well.

Once your partner is comfortable trying these new techniques let him or her take over. With time they’ll discover the pleasure of varied kissing and their own creativity. And they won’t even realize they had help!

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Who Uses Computer Dating Services /198/who-uses-computer-dating-services/ /198/who-uses-computer-dating-services/#comments Mon, 24 Aug 2009 11:56:50 +0000 David Raets /online-dating/who-uses-computer-dating-services/ by Ask Abby

Have you been desperate to find the perfect match? Online dating has proven to be one of the most effective approaches. It increases your odds of meeting someone based on higher scores of harmony. All you have to do is fill out the forms and create your profile; matches can then pick depending on what they believe is best of their interests.

The conveniences of internet dating is that you get to do it at your own speed. Moreover, you get to know a potential mate in the peace and comfort of your own home. There are many ways that support computer dating such as cyber tools that help you with getting to know each other stages.

Because web dating connects many people, your chances of meeting the right partner increases. This is a chance for you to meet more people other than those in your social groups. The right partner for you might just be somewhere on the web, waiting for you.

There are of course many advantages in internet dating. You can meet people while at home or whenever you have connection to the internet. The entire point is that you do this at your own ease. You can also do this at your own pace, at your own time. You take your time in selecting who will be the perfect match for you. Because of the possibilities presented by web dating, anyone can meet more people and the chances of finally meeting someone increases.

The possibility of meeting more potential candidates is endless because of more people signing up online to look for their best mate. The Internet has been a portal for many in order to explore possibilities other than those found in your own offline social circles. Hence, the right one is determined through your personal profile.

The communication factor goes through a more comfortable atmosphere because online dating does not immediately require you to go out of the house. Impressions can be done in a more informal manner because the internet provides a less stressful environment.

You can also meet people from different backgrounds. Web dating does open more doors for you as this gives you a chance to meet people who are not typically in your own crowd. Hence, the world of dating is not limited.

The advantages of computer dating therefore increases your chance of meeting your perfect match the right one at your own pace. The access to more people increases, thereby going beyond your normal crowds. Hence, getting to know more people opens up more possibilities on seeing people.

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The Key To Flirting With a Woman is… /197/the-key-to-flirting-with-a-woman-is/ /197/the-key-to-flirting-with-a-woman-is/#comments Sun, 23 Aug 2009 14:45:42 +0000 Dell DeMarco /online-dating/the-key-to-flirting-with-a-woman-is/ by Dell DeMarco

To flirt is to have fun, as what majority of the guys put it. At the same time, it is perceived as sending off some signs to the girl that you are highly interested and wants to know her better.

But you have to keep in mind that flirting is not a simple task. Certain factors are required to get things done and to come up with favorable rewards.

Since it does not sound fairly simple, are there any policies or rules for one to effectively flirt? Yes, there are but they may not be referred to as the standard rules yet they are truly helpful. These basic factors include high regard of one’s self or self-assurance, good humor, and admirable conversational skills.

Although lots of guys do it for fun or for whatever reason, flirting requires certain skills to get it right and attain the result desired from the beginning. It does not only center on body language but on how well your verbal skills are.

The following paragraphs will present major aspects that contribute a good deal to becoming a good flirt.

Fluent and Spontaneous

As mentioned earlier, a good flirt is one that can carry a conversation admirably. He should be able to catch up on any topic and has the wit with words. In order to make an impression, be an excellent conversationalist.

Any girl will find you impressive if your verbal ability is quite extraordinary. Thus, to master the act of flirting, you must be able to communicate absolutely well.


In almost everything, confidence is vital. It certainly begets wonderful blessings in return. Flirting does not make any exemption for this. The more confident you are, your chances of winning her attention will prove to be really high.

Develop your confidence any time you can. Flirting with girls enhances it and the more you learn to talk, the better you flirt.


It brings out the fun in flirting. Without humor, it will be boring.

Let any woman laugh and you will not have a tough time setting an appointment with her. Aim the same when you flirt. Let her laugh. Women love to laugh. They enjoy it and it makes them good good.

Be a constant flirt rather than the occasional flirt. Well, that is if you do not want to get hurt from time to time.

You will be happier if you leave the stress and the pressure behind you. Just always keep your cool. After all, flirting must be enjoyable.

Know your potentials and make use whatever asset you have to a good advantage. Flash that killer smile, dress well, be spontaneous and be charming. And importantly, flirt with ease and with style.

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